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sorry it took me so long to make any use of this thread. now for my first review i will be covering Persona 4 Golden for the ps vita.
I will review the story, gameplay, emersiveness, and replayability. i will give each catagory a rating out of ten possible points. ten being the best and one being the worst.

so lets start with the story. first i must explain that persona 4 golden is essentially a port of the orignal persona 4 which came out on the ps2. persona 4 golden adds to the original with a new npc named marie and some new quests and story elements. so the main story of persona 4 golden revolves around your character the main protagonist who has been sent to the countryside for a school to live with his uncle and his uncles young daughter. while there you make friends and eventually crazyness ensues. a series of murders occur in the sleepy town. you and your friends find out that these merders are connected to a secret world inside of tvs.
thats the basics of the story. it may seem really stupid and confusing but that just because i cant properly do it justice it is honestly a very understandable and cohesive story with some uniqe and entertaining characters and the occasional mind blowing twist. in my opinion the story gets a deffinite 10/10

next up is the gameplay.
so to start i must explain that there are two forms of gameplay in persona 4 golden. the first form of game play is your daily life as a student. you will do things such as hang out with friends join clubs or sports teams or even get a job. but the real meat of the game is once you enter the world inside the tv. once your in the tv the gameplay switches to an increadible fun dungeon crawling style of play where you battle evil creatures called shadows along with hundreds of other enemy types. the battle system itself is a very easy to grasp yet hard to mast turn based final fantasy esque system where your attacks weaknesses and abilities are determined by your equipped persona, which is a magic creature that is supposed to represent your true self. your personas stats increase through leveling up from battle. you also gain more personas as drops which you can then fuze together to make even stronger personas. you can also strengthen your personas through social links by spending time with and getting to know the npcs.
i think that the game play does take a slight nock due the fact that the dungeon crawling can get a little repettitve but it deffinately doesnt stop it from being a fun and unique twist on the usual genre tropes while still fealing almost nastalgic of other great dungeon crawlers 8/10

now for the emersiveness
in my experience persona 4 golden is one of those games you pick up on a monday morning and its friday by the time you put it down.. in all seriousness i have lost hour apon hour in this game. first the increadible story pulls you in then the great gameplay takes over to make sure your there to stay. i have spent so many hours grinding a dungeon to reach a high enough level to fuse my personas and get an even stronger persona only to do it all over agian..
in all honest i could not stop playing this game for the first week after i bought. 9/10

next is the replayability.
first off i should mention that this game has a new game plus mode if you finish it once. there are also a few difficulty settings ranging from easy to something along the lines of expert. now dont think you can breeze through the game either. i have spent upwards of 40 hours in persona 4 golden and i am just reaching the late game stuff which is rather challenging. i have been told that it takes upwards of 60 hours to beat the game not including side missions. yes you read correctly i said 60 hours. . but in all honesty it is a great 60 hours. and the new game plus mode ups the difficulty and allows you to carry over stats and personas.
in my opinion the new game plus mode adds to the playability but only if you are willing to put in the time again. 6/10

my final take on persona 4 golden is that it is an increadibly fun dungeon crawling jrpg with an enchanting story and an array of very lovable and indepth characters. the story alone is worth the 60 hours and the great gameplay is just a bow on top. persona 4 golden is a must buy for all ps vita owners and a great addition to anyones collection.

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