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Easy "Back Off, Mrs. B!" achievement
After meeting Mia in the basement of the Old House during the "Search the Old House for the Serum" mission, you will encounter Marguerite Baker. When you exit the basement, she will be waiting for you behind a door and start to wander around the house. Shoot everything you have at her. Use the flamer to kill off the insects that she summons and use a shotgun or pistol to shoot her in the head. She can take quite a bit of damage -- so come well prepared. This is the only opportunity to do this. If you progress too far, you will miss this achievement. It is recommended to create a manual save once you reach the Old House.

Easy "Can't Catch Me" achievement
During the "Get out of the House" mission, after fighting Jack Baker in the garage of the main house, you will get an Ox statuette in the garage that allows you to open a large door. Go through the door and proceed upstairs. There is a room marked on the map called "Recreation Room". It contains the videotape. Put the tape in the nearby TV to start it. You will then be playing as Mia and have to escape Marguerite. Just stay behind cover whenever Marguerite is nearby. After finishing the tape, you will get the "Can't Catch Me" achievement. If you are seen, just wait for Marguerite to grab you. This will result in a checkpoint restart and does not count as being seen. The only way you can mess this up is by running and hiding from Marguerite until you lose her. You will still get the achievement if she grabs you. You can also replay the tape by putting it in the video cassette recorder again.

Easy "Duck If You Love Life" achievement
During the "Get 3 Dog Heads and Open the Door to the Yard" mission, you will fight Jack in the Morgue while searching for the red dog head. Keep attacking until he grabs some chainsaws that are shaped like scissors. Sometimes he runs towards you and strikes with the "scissors" from above. You must crouch under this specific attack to get the "Duck If You Love Life" achievement. His other attacks will hit you even while crouching. Lure him around the room to get a better idea of his attack pattern and crouch whenever possible.

Easy "Fly Swatter" achievement
This can only be done during the Marguerite Boss fight in the Garden ("Create the Serum" mission with the "Defeat Marguerite and take her Lantern" objective). Deal some damage to her and she will start to run up walls like a spider. She will then try to jump onto you. While she is in midair, shoot her. This works best with the shotgun. It can take a few tries to get the timing right. She only climbs up the walls 2-3 times during the Boss fight. Create a manual save game before this fight so you can reload it in case you kill her without getting the "Fly Swatter" achievement. Otherwise, restart the fight immediately if you do not get it during her first few leap attacks. She will stop and look at you when she is about to do a leap attack. Shoot immediately after she has jumped off.

Easy "Less Is More" achievement
This can easily be done with the shotgun. After going to the cellar in the Old House during the "Search the Old House for the Serum" mission, you will meet Marguerite. She will then wander around the house. Attack her and she will start to spawn insect swarms. Shoot her insects with a shotgun to get the "Less Is More" achievement. You can also combine this with the "Back Off, Mrs. B!" achievement.

Easy "Master Of Unlocking" achievement
The first lock pick can be found in the main house, in the laundry room with the washing machines and socks. Open the box by the door to get the lock pick. There is a locked drawer in the hall outside that you can open with the lock pick. Do this to get the "Master Of Unlocking" achievement.

Easy "Nice Try" achievement
The earliest opportunity to put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth is in the main hall after fighting Jack Baker. There is a bright light shining at a picture. Between the light and picture is a shadow plinth. Grab the pendulum from the clock to the left and put it on the shadow plinth to get the "Nice Try" achievement.

Easy "Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!" achievement
This can only be done in the Old House where you encounter Marguerite, during the "Search the Old House for the Serum" mission. When you meet her for the first time, she will put spiders on the doors. You can knife those spiders so they fall off. Get real close and use your knife on the insects to get the "Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!" achievement. You can also perform a stab attack (has better range, and spiders will not be able to hit you). If you miss this opportunity, more spiders can be found on gun lockers in the Old House and during the Marguerite Boss fight in the Garden House.

Easy "That's A Spicy Meat-a-ball" achievement
While onboard the Old Ship during the "Pursue Eveline" mission, you will meet Eveline and she will want you to watch a videotape. During the videotape, you will find Remote Bombs for the first time. They are in plain sight, shortly after using the elevator. Collect a remote bomb, let an enemy grab you, equip the bomb, and stick it in the enemy's mouth to get the "That's A Spicy Meat-a-ball" achievement. Note: The enemies with a large blade-arm do not grab you. It has to be one with two thin arms.

Easy "Things Got Personal" achievement
During the "Search the Old House for the Serum" mission, you can find lots of large flying insects in the old house. Some of them are sitting quietly on walls. Run up to one of them and knife it to get the "Things Got Personal" achievement. They die with one hit. Note: Only the larger flying insects count, not the tiny insect swarms.

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